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opening times


middle of May until middle of June: at the Weekends
middle of June until middle of October: open throughout


December and January: at the Weekends
February until Easter: open throughout

Please check detailed opening hours in our up to date booking system.

Generally, being a Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) Hut, the Lidernenhütte is open and accessible all year round. During low season, when the hut is unmanned, you have access to the ‚Winterroom’. We offer to open the hut completely in during low season for groups of at least 15 people. In this case, please contact us some weeks in advance.

Euro / credit cards

We accept Swiss Francs and Euro (Exchange Rate 1:1) as well as TWINT , but we do not accept any credit or debit cards.



Energy supply up here is a bit more complicated than down in the valley.

Some electric power is provided by solar panels and we have a back-up generator. Water is heated via gas boiler and we also use gas to power the fridges and protect the food storage areas from frost in winter. Traditionally we use wood for cooking.

Our water comes from a nearby source and passes through our UV-filter system ensuring clean drinking water, which is then heated by solar energy. Waste water is dealt in our own sewage treatment plant.

Wood, gas and petrol as well as all the drinks and some food products are delivered by helicopter two or three times a year. Everything else is transported by cable car and carried to the hut.


Please note: During the Corona virus crisis the Winterroom is closed until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

During low season the winterroom provides enough space for 12 People. This includes a woodburning oven and hob. Wood and utensils are included in the accommodation price. The self service kiosk provides drinks and snacks and a small selection of food (pasta/rosti).

We accept the following methods of payment: TWINT, cash or bank transfer.