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We do not know an English term for mehHeimat. The best translation may be localFirst? The meaning is unquestionable: wherever possible we buy local products and collaborate with local partners!

Therefore, instant sauces and other convenience food you are searching in vain. Wherever possible we use local and regional ingredients to create our delicious Rosti and other meals. Also the popular Zopf, wholegrain bread and of course all our famous cakes are lovingly prepared on the premises.

Butter and cheese are purchased from the surrounding small businesses such as Alp Spilau. Meat comes from Metzg Reichmuth, Schwyz, bread from Beck Roman, Ibach, chocolate from Felchlin, Ibach. The Schnapps for your coffee is distilled by Brennerei Strüby in Ibach while the beer is brewed by Brauerei Rosengarten in Einsiedeln.

And of course the wood for the oven grows in the Riemenstalden forests.

Passing visitors

During daytime our warm ‘stubli’ and the sunny terrace invite passing visitors to come and enjoy both savoury and sweet dishes from our menu (warm dishes are served until 3pm). With rich rostis, juicy lemon cake, fruity pies and tarts or a beautifully decorated platte of local cheese and meats, there is a great choice and something for everyone to enjoy.


We offer a wide range of high quality red wines. Swiss Pinot Noir, Nero d’Avola from Sicily or rather a classic Tempranillo from Rioja? If you are looking for a very special experience you may fall in love with Areni from southern Armenia.

Half-Board Guests

Dinner for our overnight guests is served at 6.30pm and includes a warming soup, salad (or vegetable sides), a hearty main course and something sweet to finish.

Breakfast is served between 7 and 8am and includes bread, butter, jam, cheese and a fresh, fruity Muesli which should provide you with a great start to your day.

Half-board also includes one liter of tea for your hiking flask.

We are happy to provide alternatives for guests with food allergies but we do require notice, preferably at the time of booking but at the latest the day before arrival.