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Approachs to the hut

This route takes about 2h30min. The route can be combined to a round trip by taking the way up or down to or from Chäppeliberg.

The lakes Alplersee and Spilauersee are just 30min away and well worth the detour!

The shortest route to the hut is via Proholz and takes 1h40min. The route via Höchi and Alt Stafel, which takes 2h30min, is not as steep but offers more scenic view than via Proholz.

This route is easy and takes 3h30min, or perhaps longer if you stop to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Spilau and to sample some of the culinary delights on offer along the way.

From the cable car station at Eggberge there are various options to got to Chalberwied and from there, via a somewhat exposed section, to Schön Chulm. Then eastwards over the clearing between Hagelstock and Siwfass and via the Alprestaurant Spilau down to Lake Spilau. From there it’s 30min to the Hut.

The most beautiful, but longest and most difficult climb (T4!) is from Muotathal via Lippisbüel to Seenalp. You pass along Chaiserstocks impressiv southface before passing the ridge at Lidernerplänggli or Rossstocklücke. This hike takes you about 6h.

The hut is easy to reach from Muotothal via Hellberg, Höchi and Alt Stafel. Halfway, a short detour takes you to the Alp Goldplangg.

This route to the hut starts with a ride on worlds steepest funicular. It takes 4h30min from via Trölligen, Wannentritt, Höchi and Alt Stafel.

If you are looking for a steep climb from Lake Lucerne (at 400 meters) up to 1’727 metres above sea level, you can set off from Sisikon via Manzigried and Alplen. This route takes you 4h30min and is rather unspectacular.

Peaks and roundtrips

A great, well signposted roundtrip which can also be combined with a tour to the summit of Rossstock.

Just below the summit you can take the route to Rossstocklücke, passing around Fulen through to Liderner Plänggli. The route passes over the Liderner Alp and past the Seelenen back to the hut.

Hiking time: 3h30min
Difficulty: T3

The Chaiserstock lends its name to the whole mountain range and is THE summit destination of the Lidernen area

The ascent to the Chaisertor and the ridge to the summit are often underestimated, there are fixed ropes on the way up.. A nice but challenging hike.

Hiking time: 2h30min
Difficulty: T4

The rocky summit between Ross– and Chaiserstock does not get as many visitors as its famous neighbors. Wrongly so we think!

The way up to the summit is a bit exposed but the view from there is spectacular.

Hiking time: 2h 30mins
Difficulty: T3

After a fairly easy ascent, one is rewarded with a impressive panoramic view.

Can be combined with the hike to Fulen 2’495m or the circular Lidernen route.

Hiking time: 2h
Difficulty: T3

From the transition between Hagelstock and Hundstock in northerly direction, passing by the Siwfass and over the very narrow and open ridge. Or starting from the cable cars top station in southerly direction, passing through very rough terrain, mostly pathless.

Hiking time: 1h 30min
Difficulty: T4

Don’t forget the swimsuit! The easy hike to this beautiful lookout peak passes by the picturesque Lake Spilau. The Hagelstock can be the only destination for the day or can be combined with the ascent or descent to or from Eggberge.

Hiking time: 2h
Difficulty: T2

A peak with a huge summit cross and a 1’500 meters downward view on the Lake Lucerne. There are two different routes from the hut to the summit:

A hike through Rotenbalm and Firtiggrätli to the Äbneter Stöckli, followed by a very exposed ridge to the top of the sumit. Only suitable in dry contditions.

Hiking time: 3h
Difficulty: T4

Or a slightly easier but longer route leads to Alplen, passes the Alplersee, up to Stockalp and onto the summit.

Hiking time: 3h
Difficulty: T3